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CME Programme /Conferences & Academic Activities


CME Programme

S.No Topic Date Faculty
1. A Histological study to Compare Clinically uninvolved and involved skin in Leprosy. 02nd February, 2014 Mr. Ankur Sharma (Anatomy)
2. Lysosomal Disorders 28th March, 2014 Dr. B K Anand (Biochemistry)
3. Clinical Application of EMG and Nerne Conduction. 25th April, 2014 Dr. Prabal Joshi (Physiology)
4. Strategies for Prevention of Ischemic Heart Disease 28th May, 2014 Dr. Amandeep Singh Kaloti(General Medicine)
5. Pharmacovigilance: Introduction and current perspective 25th July, 2014 Dr. Naveen Kumar(Pharmacology)
6. Social Aspect of Health System 29th August, 2014 Dr. K.L. Garg (Anesthesiology)
7. Genetically Modified (GM) Food: Health risks with special reference to antibiotic resistance 30th Sept., 2014 Dr. D. Chattopadhya(Microbiology)
8. MOU with Reliance Company 29thDecember., 2014 1. MOU with Reliance company to provide all types of Health Services at the village level to the 16 villages under Reliance SEZ programme. The services provided are preventive, Curative and promotional and referral services. These services being provided through mobile van.
2. Outreach camps for dental and different specialties are being organized at village level.
9. Endospine Cadaveric Workshop 08.11.2014 i. Dr. Jean Destandau, France
ii. Dr. I.C. Prem Sagar, Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi
10. Wake up to sleep “Career in sleep Technology; Horizon and Opportunities” 26.08.2014 i) Dr. Himanshu Garg, Senior Consultant & Head - Sleep Medicine”, Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon”
ii. Dr. Pratibha Dogra, Senior Consultant - Sleep Medicine”, Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon”
11. Rational Drug 22.08.2014 Dr. Sangeet Sharma, Head Deptt. of Neuropsychopharmacology, Institute of Human Behavior & Allied Sciences (IHBAS), Dilshad Garden, New Delhi
12. Recent Advances in Fracture Management 24.07.2014 Dr. S.C. Goel, Professor & HOD, Orthopeadics, Institute of Medical Sciences (BHU), Varanasi.
13. An Introduction to Interventional Neuroradiology How to approach a patient of Headache 14.03.2014 i. Dr. V.K. Dixit, Director- Interventional Neurology, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon
ii. Dr. Shamsher Dwivedee, Director- Neurology, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon
14. Vaccine and Your Child 27.03.2015 Dr. Maya Shankar Prasad
15. Ebola Infection the disease characteristics & prevention 21.10.2014 Dr. B.S. Deswal , Professor & HOD, Community Medicine
Dr. Shobha Broor, Professor & HOD, Microbiology
Dr. M.P. Singh Swahney, Professor & HOD, Dermatology
Dr. D.S. Sudan, Professor & HOD, Pulmonary Medicine
16. Planning Preparation Practice, Polish, Getting ready and Presentation itself Tile of Talk Public Presentation Techniques 06th May., 2015 Dr. Debashish Chattopadhyay Microbiology Department
17. Characteristics of good and effective Powerpoint Presentation especially  Background, Text & Fonts, Images, Transition, Animation etc. Effective Powerpoint Presentations 06th May., 2015 Dr. S.C. chopra Pharmacology Deptt.
18. lasses of the Development of Soft skills and Communities Skills for attended 1st year MBBS students (Roll no. 1-20) 23rd April., 2015 Prof. Harpreet Arora, Dean, SGT Insittute of Engineering & Technology
19. Farm to Plate, Make Food Safe 07rd April., 2015 World Health Day-2015 was celebrated by Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
20. Standard Blood Pressure measurement 31 March-02ndApril., 2015 Workshop organized by Department of Physiology
21. Awareness Programme for Faculty/JR/SR/PGs, Nursing & Paramedical Interns & MBBS (2011) 26.03.2015
World Tb. Chest Day
22. Infection control Measures and Disposal of Biomedical Waste 27.08.2015 Dr. D.R. Arora
23. Regulation of Blood Pressure 12.08.2015 Dr. Rakesh Mohan
24. Biochemistry of Hypertension 12.08.2015 Dr. Neeraj Indora
25. Aetiology of Pathogenesis of Hypertension 12.08.2015 Dr. Swati Yadav
26. Benign & Malignant Hypertensive Changes 12.08.2015 Dr. Yudhvir Singh
27. Drug Used in Hypertension 12.08.2015 Dr. Shweta Sharma
28. Management of Hypertension 12.08.2015 Dr. Juhi Singla
29. Job Opportunities for Medicos and Nurses in UK 28.11.2015

Dr. Ajay Tripathi

30. Oxygen Therapy 30.11.2015 Dr. Suresh Singhal
31. Occupational Exposure to HIV in health care 01.12.2015 Dr. D. Chattopadhya
32. Clinical aspect & management of HIV/AIDS 01.12.2015 Dr. M.P.S. Sawhney
33. Preventive aspect of HIV/AIDS 01.12.2015 Dr. B.S. Deswal
i Diagnostic Challenges in pathology Potpourri in interesting Cases and Literature review. 18.12.2015 Dr. Anupama Sharma
ii Physician Engagement : US model and It’s implications in India 18.12.2015 Dr. Anupama Sharma
34. Current Concepts in Reproductive Medicine 22.12.2015 Dr. Vinay Sharma
35. “Thesis Writing” 14.09.2016

Dr. S.C Chorpa (Pharmacology), Dr. S.C. Mohapatra (Community Medicine), Dr. Shobha Broor (Microbiology), Dr. B.S. Deswal (Community Medicine),
Dr. D. Chattopadhya (Microbiology),
Dr. Rakhee Yadav (Biochemistry) and

Dr. Kapil Hazarika (Pharmacology)
36. Workshop regarding Research Methodology including use of statistical software packages like SPSS, STRARTA etc 26th November and 27th November, 2016

Dr Sanket Vij

Department for Management, B.P.S. Mahila Vishwavidyalaya, Khanpur Kalan, Sonipat,Haryana
37. "Recent advances in Breast diseases" 17th February, 2017 Prof. A.K. Mandal from Vardhman Mahavir Medical College, New Delhi
38. AIM-P (International Conference & Cadeveric Workshop) 09.04.2017

Dr. (Maj.) Pankaj N Surange

Director- Interventional Pain and Spine Centre, India
39. Trauma Care through Medical Simulation 08.04.2017

Dr. Amar Chauhan

from Ayushman Hospital & Trauma Centre, Gurgaon
40. Standard Blood Pressure Measurement Procedure

18.04.2017 to 20.04.2017

Department of Physiology
41. Leptospirosis 24.04.2017 Dr. Rama Chaudhary, Department of Microbiology, AIIMS
42. HIV / AIDS 09.09.2017 Dr. Neeraj Nischal, AIIMS, New Delhi
Dr. Arti Tiwari, NCDC Delhi
Dr. Sonal Saxena, LHMC, New Delhi
Dr. Parichay Shah, EDMEDSUR
43. CME, Department of Pathology 25.11.2017
i. Liquid biopsy using tumour DNA in blood to aid cancer care Dr. Sunil Ranga, Professor, Department of Pathology, VMMC, Safdarjung, New Delhi
ii. Role of Flow cytometry in diagnosis of hematolymphoid malignancies Dr. Sumit Barik, Professor, Department of Pathology, ESI PGIMSR, New Delhi
iii. Breast cancer pathology and molecular subtypes Dr. Uma Sharma, Professor & HOD, Department of Pathology, SGT Medical College, Gurgaon
iv. Role of crush cytology in CNS tumours Dr. Praveen Shah, Professor, Department of Pathology, SGT Medical College, Gurgaon
44. Writing a lesson plan & Communication Skills 10.02.2018 Dr. Debasish Chattopadhya
45. CME (Antimicrobial Resistance: The Imminent Threat), Department of Microbiology :` 13.04.2018 Department of Microbiology
i. AMR Containment : Country response Dr. Sunil Gupta, Addl. Director & Head, Division of Microbiology, NCDC, DGHS,MOHFW
ii. AMR: Global Perspective Dr. Anuj Sharma, NPO, Laboratory Services, WHO country office, New Delhi
iii. AMR in Rural Scenario Dr. Debasish Chattopadhya, Associate Professor, Microbiology, SGTU
iv. Quiz: Final round Dr. Poonam Sood Loomba, Professor, Microbiology, G.B. Pant Hospital, N. Delhi, Dr. Megha Maheshwari, Professor, Microbiology, FMHS, SGTU
46. CME on “Tumour Pathology – An Update’’ 16.04.2018
i. An update on Hodgkins Lymphoma Brig Tathagat Chaterjee Consultant Pathology, Army Hospital (R&R) Delhi
ii. IHC & Molecular Techniques in Cytodiagnosis of Lung Tumours Brig Kavita Sahai, Consultant & HOD, Dept of Path, Army Hospital (R&R) Delhi
iii. Understanding Immunohistochemistry (IHC) & Its Interpretation Dr. AK Mandal, Director Professor & HOD, BR Ambedkar Medical College, Rohini, Delhi
iv. “WHO 2016” Classification & Diagnosis of Gliomas Col. Raj Mohan, Senior Advisor & HOD Dept of Path Base Hosp Delhi Cantt
v. Technological Advances: Emerging Trends in Pathology Dr. Neeta Kumar, Professor, Jamia Millia Institute of medical sciences
47. Pediatrics consideration in PICU 26.04.2018 Dr. Kundan Mittal, Senior Professor, PGIMS Rohtak
48. Airway Management 26.04.2018 Dr. Mamta Bhardwaj, Associate Professor, Anesthesiology, PGIMS, Rohtak
49. Ventilator setting in common diseases of Newborn 26.04.2018 Dr. Pankaj Abrol, Professor & HOD, Pediatrics, SGT Medical College, Hospi. & Research institute
50. Weaning from ventilator 26.04.2018 Dr. Satya Kiran Kapoor, Professor, Pediatrics, SGT Medical College
51. Cancer Cervix: Magnitude of Problem 12.05.2018 Dr. Shalini Singh, Scientist, Scientist F ICMR, New Delhi
52. Pharmacovigillance Awareness Among Clinicians 30.04.2018 Dr. Sangeeta Sharma, HOD, Neuropsychopharmacology, IHBAS, New Delhi
53. Cervical Cancer Screening: Cytology vs. HPV DNA testing 12.05.2018 Dr. Manju Puri, Dir. Prof., Obg, LHMC & SSKH
54. Precancerous Lesions of Cervix: Management 12.05.2018 Dr. Vijay Zutshi, Prof., Obg., VMMC & SJH
55. HPV Vaccine 12.05.2018 Dr. Poonam Taneja, Assoc. Prof., SGTMC &HI