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Institutional Ethics Committee

The Institutional Ethics Committee is an advisory group that reviews, on request, ethical or moral question that may come up during patients’ care, Experience and research work. Committee is constituted as per ICMR guidelines. 

Responsibilities :

  1. To act as patient advocate on bioethical issues. Develop and recommend hospital and other clinical policies and guidelines that define ethical principles for conduct within the hospital. Upon request, the committee will provide advisory consultation and review in cases where ethical dilemmas are perceived by the patient / patient’s family, the physically / medical team, or other hospital or clinic staff. The primary responsibilities will be to encourage dialogue, educate, identify issues offer viable options, seek supplemental resources and encourage problem resolution at the physician / patient level. The committee will establish forums for the discussion of ethical concerns. The committee will educate hospital and clinic personnel, patients, and their families about policies regarding ethical issues.
  2. The committee will evaluate the experiments / research projects involving patients or animals and approve or disprove them in accordance with established ICMR guidelines and statutory laws.

Meeting schedule : As when as required. 

The Committee will have two sub-committees. 

(a) Human Ethics Committee 

1. Chairman -   Dr. Arun Agarwal, Director-Prof.– ENT, Maulana Azad Medical College & Assoc. Designation Hospital, New Delhi
2. Member Secretary (Convener) -   Dr. S.S. Trivedi, Professor & HOD, Obs. & Gynae
3. Member (Clinician) -   Dr. Naresh Gupta, Director-Prof.– General Medicine, Maulana Azad Medical College & Assoc. Hospital, New Delhi
4. Member (Clinician) -  Dr. Pawan Tiwari, Associate Professor, Generalm Surgery, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, SGT University
5. Member (Legal Expert) -  Mr. C.S. Bhardwaj, SGT University
6. Member (Pharmacologist) -  Dr. Naveen Kumar, Associate Professor, Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, SGT University
7. Member (Female from Basic Deptt.) - Dr. Uma Sharma, Professor, Pathology,Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, SGT University
8. Member (NGO) - Mr. Akshay, Socio Economic Zone, Reliance-Jhajjar
9. Member (One Philosopher/Ordinary - Mr. Dinesh Gaur, Chief of University Temple Theologian/religious person from the Community
10. Special Invitee (Subject expert) (To be invited when needed) Non Institutional
11. Dean, Research & Development - Dr. Shobha Broor Department of Microbiology
12. Ex-Officio, Chairman - Dean, FMHS
Animal Ethics Committee




Present Incumbent


Prof. Ali Md. Ahanger

A biological Scientist



Dr. Naveen Kumar, Associate Professor, dept of Pharmacology

Scientist in-charge of the Animal Faculty

Member Secretary


Dr. Attar Singh Panisup

Main Nominee

CPCSEA nominated member


Mej. Gen. B.S. Dhillon

Non-scientific socially aware member

CPCSEA nominated member


Dr. Megha Maheswari, Associate Professor, dept of Microbiology

Scientist form different Biological discipline



Dr. Poonam Salwan, Asstt. Professor, dept of Pharmacology

Scientist form different Biological discipline



Dr. Birender Singh